Social Robots

A European Research Council funded Social Neuroscience Research Project


Say hello to the robotic members of the Social Robots team!

From tiny to child-sized, our robotic team members are helping us understand how people people's perceptions of robots change over time, one human-robot interaction at a time!



Pepper joined the social robots team in 2017, along with kid-brother NAO. Pepper is known for her impeccable manners, easy-going nature, and propensity to be mistaken for a robot-mermaid hybrid.



NAO is the drama queen of the bunch, who is always up for regaling other lab members with song and dance, and of course his very best party trick, showing how cleverly he can stand back up after falling down.


Professor Einstein

This robot is just plain creepy. And not the best communicator (yet). The jury is out on the role Professor Einstein will be playing in the robotic uprising...



In progress...


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